Australia Awards Scholarships Vox Pops: Biggest surprise about Australia?

People are more accountable here, and, you know,if you do something wrong, there's always a wayof correcting it.

The openness.


Australianpeople are very open people.

So, it surprised me howpeople are ready to help each other, particularly people from overseas,like, foreigners.

One thing I appreciate the mostabout Australia is the transport system.

Level of acceptance of foreignersis.

It was a great surprise for me.

Development and multicultural.

All drivers in Australiaobey laws strictly.

It's completely differentfrom my home country.

It's the technology,I think I have to say on that, because I come froma very remote place.

We don't have traffic lights stillin our country.

Everywhere you goimpacts the environment.

It's so clean and it's well kept.

Source: Youtube