Australia at Berlinale 2017

I am at the Berlin Film Festival.

My film is screening as part of the Panorama program and I'm really excited to be here.

It's great.

I want a European audience to see it, so that's exciting.

We've got producers, we've got distributors, we've got sales agents.

We've got people who work in front of and behind the camera.

It's a celebration of great Australian creativity.

It's very competitive to get into the Berlinale and to have so many films in competition, I think reflects the strength, diversity and the maturity of the Australian film industry.

It's wonderful to be in Berlin.

It's such a terrific festival.

It's really nice to be recognised by a festival this great.

I wouldn't be a filmmaker if it wasn't for Screen Australia.

That entity has basically created an industry that I'm a part of, and it's been around for decades.

I feel very privileged and very grateful for for the support they've given me and obviously countless other filmmakers.

For me it is a great privilege to work as an actor.

A job in which we tell the stories playfully, abrasively, absurdly, confrontationally.

Everything that I think a festival like the Berlinale presents.

Thank you.

[applause] Just having the film at a festival like Berlin is so incredible because it's such a beautiful, big worldwide event, but for us even more so that the film was set here in Berlin.

It feels like full circle.

So we were at Sundance and now we're at Berlin.

I feel really happy and excited to be here and to be screening it in the east because the film is about the east of Berlin.

We shot like three blocks that way.

Berlin Syndrome! [applause].

Source: Youtube