Australia and the ‘beating heart of bigotry’

This week, the Australian people know what it was like This week, Australia is a boy hooded head, locked up in his cell This week, Aboriginal boy was released tear gas Solitary confinement, beaten by These are appears on the TV screen The boys look like my children When my teenage son to see these scenes I noticed he was a bit lost These horrifying pictures So he began to doubt the country Because he grew up in the never faced the dark side of society But also to avoid a lot of the same tribe as the tragic fate But I know that night He wanted to know on television and the boys what is the difference I know he's hard not from those boys Recalls his He did not understand why our country Allow that to happen When I saw these boys occurred in the tragedy These my own children survived the tragedy I can not help but think of their grandfather and my grandfather The bear had those atrocities From the television in the boys who I seem to see his father who spent a long night in his cell Interrupted bones, stab wounds And pierce the skin is dark tattoos I think of my grandfather Police took him to alcoholism charges dragged out of bed He was arrested, like a dog is stumbling in a tree So his children You will be able to pass from the side of the road to school Some people would rather I do not mention these tragedies Some people have accused me of injustice to the memory of The memory of injustice The wounds from my parents' physical and mental As if all my memories If we choose to cling to misery This seems unfair just remember, do not ever existed The memory of injustice Only sure to enjoy their own status in this country It will make such accusations This position was not given to people like us Thus we first came to Australia Still looking for people belonging Ours on the ancestral homeland of displaced persons Only injustice and cruelty when the talk Sad people do not understand the human suffering It will make such accusations Those who make accusations revel in their history Let us forget our history What had happened right when These people value their own traditions We commend them for their own hero It does not belong to our recognition I really want to know They will easily forget the Jewish people in the past it Is it about the suffering of the Jewish people recall But also is not fair nostalgia These people stressed that he is conservative However, their despicable behavior But maintain their traditional low These people alien attack Homosexuality, Muslims, Asians and blacks and demonization distinction Power has been clasped To define our nation, to the diverse and inclusive pricing However, they can not define my country These people speak euphemistically packaging To hide their bigotry But I miss the unjust accusations No, we do not miss injustice Because we never forget Translator: Chaonan Sun Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences UNSW.

Source: Youtube