AMAZING 8 FIGURE POOL Royal National Park – Sydney Australia

Hi my people! Welcome to my channel Colombian in Sydney Today we will go to 8 Figure Pool Come on! Now I'm going to Coles to buy some breakfast and bring for lunch This was all I could find at this time It's a California Roll A fresh bread and Feet ****** Oh, I fall Chao train We are already in Central Station, we will find ourselves with the others on the platform 25 We are walking a lot but it's fun: P Look at the sea: O Here we are in the rainforest And we are seeing the orangutan which it is now migrating south because of the heat you're doing here Do not go down that road it would be dangerous This is slippery! beware: P You know, safety first! Aussie style XD Shaped pool 8 but have to make the XD row Now is cool: P Again, I stopped again Come on, do it hard! And going back was a good adventure Because they are great! Look! they are great Look at that! Hello people! Hello Look people, we came to the beach It is virtually alone for us The waves are great People really, this is great How can we be lost? It was too easy to get here OH! just got a new umbrella, look! It's starting to rain and we go through the forest A great idea! Look at that! XD XD What happened to your umbrella? You left! Seriously?? What a shame! Bu! ah.

you not react 🙁 I was filming you and all That was his reaction XD Look at that! Colombian in Sydney! Follow me on social networks, and remember to subscribe!.

Source: Youtube