Agnes Waters – Kangaroo Sanctury – Town of 1770✔Backpacking Australia#45 German+English Subtitles

Hello and welcome now with us, our new travel mate Josh! 😀 welcome to the internet 😀 Hi good morning we got up 5 minutes ago we found yesterday again, coincidentally if coincidences are existing here a great place to stay overnight we actually searched for a long time it also was dark already and we were tired and we only just found a place almost in the middle of nowhere it is a little camping spot in agnes waters and here are wild kangaroos everywhere not so wild anymore in theory, they can walk away they are not surrounded by fences or so.

and a view to the ocean and here is a peafowl we are now in the backyards of the owners we were allowed to have a look here are soo many kangaroos they all got rescued from accidents, leftover baby´s.

got healed that is soo cute, there are lying kangaroos everywhere 😀 Agnes Waters Yeaahh and.

we are at the moment with Joshi together on tour and with Luke and Emily yes, now we meet our friends from fraser island and spend the day together on the beach and later we go surfing they are doing a lesson and we are already experts 😀 professional yes, that would be nice 😀 we couldn´t be for long without each other yes, wonderful we are looking forward, now we have a look at the main beach so now we hired surfboards, we go surfing! we go surfing! last chance they fit good in our car but it is a little bit dangerous because they´re not ensured but.

it´s only the way to the beach take it easy after here you have to turn left my honey Ramona´s wetsuit is far to big it is already extensived Preview – Next Fernweh Episode.

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