Aboriginal Tourism

Having long been passionate about sharingAboriginal culture with others Dale Tillbrook started Mallinup AboriginalGallery with a clear picture in her mind of the business she wanted to build Over ten years on the Indigenous owned and operatedbusiness based in the Swan Valley now offers unique experiences rangingfrom Aboriginal cultural talks, performances, through to bush tucker tasting, local Aboriginal art and Australian made souvenirs Dale is proud to have seen some of the positiveflow-on effects the art gallery has had on the local Aboriginal community Talking to people about the uniquenessof Aboriginal culture has always been rewardingand it would be hard to pick out one highlight but what i like the best is when I'mtalking to people about local history and culture and I see them change from being disinterested tohanging off my every word and I know then that I'm starting to change peoples' opinions The impact our business has had on the local Aboriginal community is really two fold When we first started out we had a boomerangmaking business as well and we employed a lot of young men through that business So not only did we train them in theskills in making boomerangs we also found that he had train them in lifeskills How to get up in morning and come to work on time and how todo a decent weeks work to get your wages at the end of it And the other impact came after we opened the gallery and we provided some economic benefit to thelocal community by providing an outlet for people to sell their paintings and the goods that they made When I think about a tip I could pass onto somebody starting out in this industry, I really have to cast my mindback to when I first started and then I can remember how I had the story inmy mind I could visualise how my business was going to unfold.

I knew what I wanted to do and so I'd say have a clear objective,be able to tell the story in your mind and have the passion to follow through The biggest hurdle I had to overcome in entering the tourism industry is that I really didn'tknow much about the tourism industry We started off making boomerangs and thatwas a wholesale business but when we opened the gallery we realised that we were dealing with the public and we had to alter how we did business with the public and so I had to go about learning about the tourism industry and fortunately about that time WAITOC was established and I learnt so much going to the WAITOCconferences and networking with the people that I met through WAITOC.

Source: Youtube