Aboriginal People Respond To “Australia Day”

– [Voiceover] Australia Day.

(tongue clicking) – Ugh.

– Hmm, Australia Day.

It's an Interesting one.

(moody instrumental music) – Australia Day, what is Australia Day? – Don't you mean, Invasion Day? – It means differentthings to different people.

For us, it means survival.

– Invasion Day, our survival.

– Survival Day.

– When celebrations of survival of one of the oldest cultures is notthe oldest culture on earth.

– Racism.

– I think a joke.

– It's really sad.

– My gut drops.

– The fact that they celebratethat day that we lost all that we had, yeah, it pisses me off.

– It's insensitive to say the least.

– An offense.

– It's everything at once.

– Brotherhood, sisterhood,clan, mob, strength.

– It does bring up a lot ofhurt, a lot of heartache.

– It's like somebody thatcomes into your house, does horrible things to your family and they like, "Uh,dude, we're gonna like, have like a party and have a barbecue and listen to Triple J,yeah.

And we're gonna put it on the date we turnedup," and like, that's kind of sadistic, man.

Like why would you do that? – People celebratingthe day that your people got slaughtered andinvaded and the day that caused all that destructionand all that suffering to very peaceful people.

– For a lot of Aboriginalpeople into a straight– All in this, it's a day of mourning.

– It's a day that marks thebeginning of the massacres.

– It's celebrating rape,it's celebrating murders.

– I celebrate so manythings about being here, about how beautiful this country is, but at the same time, there's a dark and disconnected culture.

– I think that ourcountry is a great country and it's beautiful and there are a lot of opportunities here.

I feel that celebratingAustralia Day on the 26th of January is wrong.

That doesn't make any sense.

– The first of January1901 was when the states federated to become a country.

It was loosely calledAustralia before then, it became official.

This was now the nation called Australia, the Commonwealth of Australia.

That should be Australia Day.

– If it's truly a celebrationof what we are as a nation, then we need to include the first nations of this country.

– A day that we could all celebrate.

– I'll help you celebrate it if you like.

– We're quite inclusivepeople so we just want to be included as well.

– Maybe you should celebrateAustralia as a whole and as it was before and think about who's included in that culture when you're celebrating.

Source: Youtube