AACTA Awards 2016: the Importance of Australian Stories

We've been spoiled for choice in TV I've been watching The Secret Daughter I've been watching Wrong Girl I've been watching Cleverman Barracuda this year was something that I was really interested in And of course Girl Asleep The film was amazing That film is gorgeousness Been a huge fan of Please Like Me this year Their fourth and maybe final series has been mint The best new show this year is Rosehaven That's exciting, cool and it feels very Australian We bring in a lot of tourism a lot of industry I'm definitely proud of what we do here in Australia and how it's received worldwide More importantly it reflects Australian culture back to Australians So you can see yourselves Go to your own stories I would love to see more stories More women More people from different minority groups Australia should take advantage of how diverse we are I read the Gender Matters documents and I read it back to back again this morning I think there should be more roles for women of my age [Laughter] The world is changing and gradually, we will have more of a voice It's important for us to share to share our stories with our children and that's why we should keep the business here.

Source: Youtube