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Rahman, Welcome to Australia.

How are you finding it here? It's very exciting.

I've been, always had fond memories coming to Australia, whether it's Sydney or Melbourne.

So the people are very, very nice.

It's a very beautiful place.

Now you're collaborating with conductor Matt Dunkley from the UK, and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, They're playing some of your greatest hits in Melbourne, Tell us, how did that come about? Matt and me have been working together for almost 15 years.

So we started with The Legend of Bhagat Singh and he's been orchestrating and conducting my music, and he's a composer too.

Very successful.

It's very nice of him to come back and do this.

Winning the Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire was obviously a big moment, but it really all started for you with the Indian film Roja.

So tell us about that journey from then to now? I've been coming from a musical family.

and I started working from the age of 11-12, For me everything seems to be like a some like the first 10 years seem to have gone very slow then it seemed to have gone very fast.

You know it's like changing my mindset it's so different.

So after Roja which again my mentor Mani Ratnam gave me my first movie, and we're still working together.

And it's so nice to work with people whom you've started with.

What do you hope music can do for the world? I mean we're at a time where you know there's so much misunderstanding.

What's your vision for using music to create harmony? I think this is the, this is the time to not enhance aggression and, and separation, but to enhance love.

Not as basic as what it seems to be, but use your mind to create bridges.

Use your mind to awaken people in not being racist or not being judgmental about any community.

In both ways.

You know when you see people even on the other side they don't see the the kind people out there who are still fighting that 'it is wrong, don't do that'.

And we need to acknowledge those people.



Rahman it's been a pleasure speaking with you.

Thank you so much for your time.

Thank you.


Source: Youtube