A Jiftip Introduction Party somewhere in Australia

A Jiftip Party in Australia.

What do you hate about condoms? Guys chatting: It's sucks to put them on.

Oh yeah! It's just a mood killer.

First impressions of Jiftip.

Com Looks like a band-aid.

Yeah, I thought it was gonna be more narrow.

Yeah, I think it to be like a strip.

Yeah, me too.

So you can put it on after dinner if you think that you're gonna get lucky? Guys all Laughing.

If you think you know, you're gonna get dessert.

More laughing.

Yeah, if dessert is on the menu, then you know, whack it on, whack it off.

If it doesn't happen, then that's ok, you discreetly take it off.

Suggestion: Or leave it for tomorrow.

Yeah, leave it for in the morning.

Peel it.

Stick it.

Forget it.



Com Give us your review So the Jiftip.

I wasn't sure what I expecting, but.


-putting it on was quite easy.

Uhh, doing a few wipes and stuff, and it was quite easy to put on.

Anticipation? Well, I didn't know what it was, so I just tried it.

so I just tried it and it worked really well.

Main event? Yeah I prefer it more than condoms, so that was good.


Removal was a little bit hurtful, but it wasn't too bad.

That's what I got for the Jiftip.

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