Tasmania sapphires hunters Chris, thank you very much for receiving us here, in Hobart, Tasmania We're here to spend the new year to hunt sapphires Can you tell us what you have prepared for this season? We are going to pass.

3 or 4 days to erode in the rivers.

Northern Tasmania.

The deposits are highly localized.

One side of the hill.

Some combination of gems.

And on the other side there in lack 1 or 2.

But 2 or 3 others.

This is why it is very localized.

And 1 km or 2, it's completely different.

So that means we will go to different places every day.

In order to try to discover the diversity of sapphires that can be found in the region.

This is not a job.

For people who like comfort.

For there is a little pressure.

And therefore more you move away from the road, and the place is hard, this is where I want to undermine.

and if that means undermining underwater then we undermine underwater.

We can undermine between 2 and 2:30 with the equipment I have.

The rest of the team handles sift the stones on the shore.

And also this gives us access to places that have never been mined before.

The reason we go to several places is that we want to see this effect localization of the stones.


how it can be different with blue sapphires and zircons here.

and here no blue sapphires but yellow sapphires, green sapphires.


topazes but not topaz.

You know it's completely localized and you can.

succeed or fail from one place to another even if they are very close.

Small differences the JIG miners 100 years ago may explain they saw sapphires and now we not Time passes.

They have seen sapphires or not? and they were left in the river or have they taken? We obviously can not say now because everything is covered by the forest.

The forest again.

We do not know ! The most beautiful stones of the day are in there and.

and you can see that once everything is dry.

It is understood that the determination of origin of the stones it does not concern just the stones but it is also the link between the stones, places and people.

And "field gemology" that's it is the study of rocks, places and people.

and harmony between the 3.

Source: Youtube