Mr Speaker I rise to represent concerns put to me by constituents in Hawkesbury when it comes to the delivery of infrastructure and important services thanks to the sound financial management of the Baird-Grant Government we are fortunate enough to now be in a position to provide the investments in infrastructure and services that Hawkesbury needs Over the past few years we have delivered – or are in the process of delivering – extensive infrastructure to bus congestion like the new Windsor Bridge; the Pitt Town bypass and further upgrade to the Old Northern Road; a new agricultural school at Ricmond, which will be the largest in the southern hemisphere – the biggest ever financial investment for Hawkesbury schools; a $3 million dollar tourist investment the largest funding boost for tourism in Hawkesbury's history; the next generation of healthcare services with the new hospital to be built at Rouse Hill; better protection for our community from floods are providing funds to raise the Warragamba Dam wall after decades of procrastination; bringing all government services under one roof with this new Service NSW centre in Richmond; protecting our natural environment with a new recycling centre as well as the state-of-the-art fire station both constructed at South Windsor these are all signs Mr Speaker of a government that delivers and we can do this because we have got our finances right.

This is something the Labor Party has never figured out.

If you have more money coming out of your family bank account, Mr Speaker, than you have going in you struggle to provide for your family.

Labor hasn't worked out this foundational principle of economics and so they struggle to provide for our State and for our nation.

They are like a bunch of recalcitrant teenagers who have stolen the family credit card to rack up giant bills they have no intention of ever repaying all care no responsibility.

Mr Speaker you can't build anything if you don't have any money you can't fix anything if you can't afford to pay for it, you can't plan for the future when you are buried under debt and deficit.

You have to get the fundamentals right.

The Labour Party our economic incompetence personified.

Wherever they go they just leave the mess At the Federal level, Mr Speaker, John Howard paid off nearly a $100 billion dollars of Labor's debt and left their budget with a $20 billion dollar surplus.

Labor then delivered six straight budget deficits in a row.

Leaving the economy in ruins, a budget in the red and debt once again back on the books.

Our families, communities and businesses are still dealing with this painful legacy.

At a State level, Mr Speaker, it's no different, Labor left us another budget in the red state, steeped in debt and an infrastructure backlog in the tens of billions of dollars once again we spent years cleaning up the mess playing off the did and getting spending under control doinng the hard work so we can provide for our communities.

It is important to know that Labor have opposed every single move we've made to get things back under control.

From spending restraint to public sector wage discipline and new funding models like the poles and wires Mr Seaker these are not easy decisions these are tough calls that allow the government to make the right investments because they are tough decisions it's very easy for Labor to play the populist card but that is not leadership I note that some Labor members like the Federal Member for Macquarie, Susan Templeman, have been criticising the New South Wales Government for not spending enough on infrastructure and services.

She complains that we should be spending more on schools and immediately building a third crossing for the Hawkesbury River what she doesn't say is how she or her Party will financially deliver these outcomes because Mr Speaker in a Labor world how you fund something doesn't seem to matter and just like every single other Labor candidate she's never done the hard work of actually doing tough fiscal reform Susan Templeman is the 'lazy Susan' of a Australian politics.

All spin no responsibility.

Going around and around in circles and never getting anything done and just like every other Labor politician she will promise the world and deliver nothing for the people of Macquarie because the truth is the Labor Party aren't interested in problems like congestion or infrastructure or services.

They are preoccupied with their pet ideological causes and want us to use taxpayer money to fund them.

We have had decades of inaction in the Hawkesbury under Labor governments that have ignored the community and fail to deliver what we need.

In contrast it is the Liberal-National governments acting in a financially responsible way that do the hard yards of delivering the infrastructure and the services to make Hawkesbury and all our communities better off.

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