5 Seconds of Summer – On tour in Australia and New Zealand part2. (Legendado PT-BR)

What is going on? Continue, we have a minute.

What is a rainbow? We have a minute.

It's a rainbow! What? Where there rainbow, there are ponies! What? We have no time for that.

We climbed on stage in, like, a minute! Are you shitting? Oh my God, it's a rainbow! Let us on stage! We have to go on stage! TMH Australia / New Zealand Tour: Part 2 October, 2013 You know when someone goes to your barbecue and you are "Hey, I did not invite you to my BBQ, idiot!".

You can cut there, that was the joke.

We can make Ashton laugh.

As a teenager.

Oh my gosh! Calum, when you say.

L: I do not teased you.

When you say the show "This next song we wrote in London".

You can do so? "It is called Heart, break, girl.

" No, do it again.

heart break girl How do you feel about the tour ending, man? I do not know, I think I need to go to the bathroom.

I'm great, I'm very excited to finally get away from Josh Devine.

Wow, wow! Do you want to know? This is understandable.


Ashton, how are you feeling with the tour ending? I'm great.

And leaving me behind? I'm very excited to leave the band finally get away.

We ended up with the band now.

I'm very excited, I'm going for a solo project.


'Ashton Irwin Music' Look, come support me.

I can play an instrument in this band? Probably not.

OK Alright.

Excuse me, man.

I know you're in the middle of something, but we just wanted to ask a question real quick.

How do you feel with the tour ending? It's just a question, if you can lower your fork and knife for a second.

How do you feel with the tour ending? Sad.

Hello hi! We just came out of the last concert stage.

Of all.

For us.

I played guitar and I'm bleeding.

It is.

That is how far we go.

This is just the beginning.

My solo career.

Thanks to everyone who saw us like this.

It's been wonderful.

We will return to see for everyone who played before, hopefully soon.

If they want us to see.

If they want us to see, if they do not want so whatever.

In search on YouTube.

Batam here.

We love you very much.

Many thanks to 1D! 1D, brothers forever.

We are brothers.

And cut! Music: Stacy's Mom – Fountains Of Wayne Now the two are! 1, 2, 3.

Source: Youtube