5 Seconds of Summer – On tour in Australia and New Zealand part1. (Legendado PT-BR)

Where are we? in Perth Where are we? in Perth Where are we? in Perth Where are we? Oh.

TMH Australia / New Zealand tour.

Part 1.

September 2013 We're about to go out and do a show in the square * * guerilla gig will be fun.

Yeah, you will have a "gorilla" there.

In a cage We buy one! What is Michael.

on Ebay Michael is the gorilla I will tame it.

We're about to play our first show in Sydney, in front of our parents His parents never saw you playing in an arena before.

Never, ever, is the first time.

They not even know he was in a band.

I thought it was a bricklayer.

I have chest pains.


) This is Mr.


Yes, it is, in the band hits here.

It brings a bit of culture to 5 Seconds Of Summer.

No, no, Niall is out of time.

I'm so sweaty now.

I've never sweated so much I do not think you understand, but I do not usually sweat.

Here a message to Sydney.

Message to Sydney? Message to Sydney.

Thanks for having us back.

It was amazing.

It was amazing to be at home.

Thank you for seeing in Sydney, not been here for a while.

I do not feel my left leg, I suppose it's good.

"Rap" to Lou.

Blue glue Hit in with the shoe, hit in with a shoe She got the flu, she got the flu Whatcha gonna do, Lou? This is the time to do the "twerk".

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