4×4 in D’Entrecasteaux National Park – Traveling Australia XV

This trip takes us four wheel driving in D'Entrecasteaux National Park in southwestern Australia don't register National Park is fairlyremote we didn't tackle attract alone but went with our Belgian friendsquentin Kenny and therefore will drop across the road took us at the beginningof the offered track we lowered our tire pressures to about 25 piece i toincrease our attraction and smooth ride the first part of the track consistedmainly of do it and send stretches but has put driving late afternoon the Sunby a landscaping and beautiful life which we truly enjoyed to some casestrack became increasingly send you to the softest of the send more challenging Alki decided to annoy us with a clunkingsound from the right back we at first we thought US planes were stuck somewherebut we couldn't find anything to some light began to fade we decided to carryon and had to endure the sound until we reached Camp and plaque point before weset up camp we quickly drove to surface CO and joined the side of the windeclipse back at the campsite we set up a tenseand welcomed by local wildlife the next morning I jacked up the vehicle and hada look underneath but still and see anything out of order miraculously though the noise was goingafter work peacefully first off we took in the surrounding scenery some prettyspectacular ways for crashing onto the shore and the clouds look amazing toIndia biko of a beautiful news as well so we lingered a bit longer soon will back on the track there as wehad some distance to cover at some point the track and even some long runs deeperthan the day before we lowered our tire pressures to 20 piece on the track waseasy and create fun although very bumpy in parts as you can see from thevehicles movie we win free scenic stretches and forest until we found atrainer to just the beach which we took one steeper section I wanted to take alook who's trying to go backwards then work out too well as you can see we didthe track to be manageable for us though and headed down to the beach of coursewe were the only ones all along they decided to make yourselves comfortableafter we had lunch in the shade of owning all of us went for a dip in theocean to father was quite some current as you can see it was great fun writingand swimming these easy waves after some hours on the beach we decided to headback on track again growing up that one year we had a lookat his core actually proved to be more challenging than we thought it was aftertwo failed Times we decided to lower tire pressure even further and it'ssomething good or chop away to flood now the holes which left our tires spinningnext row and kenyan police sued in their car slowly but surely winners having somestates the track took us back into the forest then but some penis at one pointeven the go provided some centuries later we finally made our way to LakeJasper what we spend some time for afternoon coffee this lake is thelargest freshwater lake in southwestern Australia in a truly tranquil spot thatwould have liked to spend a lot more time there but were called us back itwas time to say goodbye to like desperate and the local wildlife we madeour way back for the forest and even counted office river crossing as thewater was only ankle-deep it imposes from soon after we were at the highwayin a quiet that they helped one last surprise forus a sunset was one of the most spectacular with thank you for watching if you like the video given the thumbsup and leave a comment also don't forget to subscribe for morevideos to come.

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