3 Bed Dorm – Hostel Room Tour at Jolly Swagman Backpackers, Sydney Australia

Here we have the Three bed dorm.

This is idealfor travellers who want to share with only two other people or, if you're in a groupof three -it's perfect for you.

So in the three bed dorm you have the option of thetop bunk, bottom bunk, or my favourite the single.

Included you get your mattress, pillow,blankets and you can always get more at reception.

You have the advantage of your own sink, soyou can brush your teeth, do your makeup.

You're looking good! You've got your storageor hanging space, and your fridge.

And a bedlight for after hours reading.

So that's a wrapup of the three bed dorm, I hope that helps you decide whether this is the right roomfor you.

That's all from JSBTV.

From Sydney Australia,happy and safe travels!.

Source: Youtube