24 day New Zealand tour review video, with Gemma, from Australia

My name's Gemma.

I'm from Australia, and I'm28 years of age.

I chose Haka Tours because I wanted a reallylong tour.

I did some research on the Internet, and the 24 day tour was probablythe longest tour I could find.

It's a local company, so why not.

Imatched other tours, and obviously they had very similar tour activities,however these had extra activities I was more interested in.

I'm looking forward to going to Queenstown,of course.

All the adrenaline activities.

Also, the Milford Sounds as well.

So yeah.

The office staff are really good.

Obviously,at the start, they gave me an email once I booked.

However, once it gotcloser to date, they then obviously sent me more emails.

So brilliant,no issues.

What did I like most about the tour? Seeingboth islands.

Seeing the North Island, which is Auckland, and the South Island.

It was great.

I had Burto.

Obviously, being a Kiwi boy himself,brought up in Auckland, so he obviously knew a lot aboutAuckland, where we heard about the history of his area.

He sounds very proudof Auckland.

It was great to hear about that today.

But then he also kneweverything.

Everywhere we stopped he knew information about it, or heknew a story about the mountains or the volcanoes.

That was reallycool.

My favourite activity was Queenstown.

There'stwo activities there in Queenstown that I really love.

I had the canyoning.

That was really good.

Then I went in the canyon swings.

The firstjump wasn't really scary.

I did a backwards jump, it wasn't scary at all.

But I did my second jump, that was gimp boy goes to Hollywood, which is apin drop down.

That scared the crap out of me.

The personal highlight would be the 20K hikeacross the Tongariro Crossing.

That was a massive thing for me, 20 kilometresin really tough terrain.


The benefits of being in a small group, obviouslyyou get to know everyone.

You get to know who they are, obviously theirnames, where they are from, and what they are about.

So i guess it's thepeople that make the tour.

So I would say that.

Travelling with Haka Tours, it's a New Zealandtour group.

It's a New Zealand tour guide.

Obviously, it's a smallergroup as well, and it's more defined to the group, with what we want todo together.

I think I probably learned don't pack toomuch.

I packed way too much.

I didn't really need to use it.

Pack lighter.

Everywhere you stop, always drink a bit of alcohol.

There's no way to say it.

It's just been amazing.

Coming back next year for a snow tour.

So what can I say?.

Source: Youtube