2017 Subaru Impreza Review

Well this is arguably one of the most importantnew models for Subaru in decades.

The all-new, fifth generation Impreza is here,and while this may look like a conventional hatch, this car will be the basis for everynew Subaru model until 2025.

So, is it any good? The 2017 Impreza is 95 per cent new, introducinga host of new safety, technology and improved dynamics to the small car space, along withlarger interior proportions than before.

But more than that the Impreza is underpinnedby the new Subaru Global Platform.

It has more rigidity, has liberated more cabinspace and is compatible with future alternative drivetrains, such as hybrid technology.

For a car that Subaru claims is 95 per centnew, the Impreza feels remarkably similar to its predecessor.

No bad thing.

Boxer engine, all-wheel drive split, surefootedon the road.

Worthwhile changes – rigidity, better overthe bumps, quieter on the road.

Quiet and composed driving experience.

The latest Impreza doesn’t stray too farfrom predecessors in the engine stakes, instead persisting with a carry-over 2.

0-litre boxerengine and CVT automatic.

The boxer engine is a little bit languid inthe lower rev range, but it is still effective.

Whining CVT transmission.

Sure, the Impreza is no sports car but it’squite impressive, it sits flat through the corners, the steering has decent weightingand feedback.

Very poised, very refined on the road.

While the Impreza continues with Subaru’sconservative styling theme, its enlarged cabin is a much nicer place to be than before.

There’s a colour touchscreen across allmodels, and the standard inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

On the safety front Subaru has extended itsEyesight technology suite to all but the base model Impreza, bringing inclusions such asautonomous emergency braking.

Subaru has essentially held the line withpricing across the Impreza range, while also shrinking service costs – ensuring thatthe Impreza builds a solid foundation for the Japanese brand’s future.

Source: Youtube