2015 WA Australian of the Year finalists

Each year, four rem arkable WesternAustralians are chosen across four categories as nominees for theAustralian of the Year awards.

I see the enthusiasm and the understanding in young people making sure they share the Wonder thatwestill all have in the world.

We can make a very real contribution toa better planet because I believe that what we do herecan influence the world.

I'd love to see a drink driving free Australia.

If everybody can look within themselves andrealize that this is a problem that starts with you, it isachievable.

If I have the ability to help, then I should.

A wise person once said, "There's no limit to the good you can achieve, as long as you don't care who gets the credit.

" Access to sign language, in this case Auslan, allows deaf people to succeed and to participate in society as equals.

Be watching 6 p.


on January25th to see who will be the Australians of the Year for 2015.

Source: Youtube