2015 NSW Australian of the Year finalists

Each year in New South Wales, fourremarkable people are chosen across four categories as nominees for theAustralian of the Year Awards.

I want to see an Australia that opens its arms todiversity and inclusion.

That recognizes everybody has something tooffer and you cannot underestimate a person's potential.

When you get involved with afamily that's going through an extremely traumatic time, and you've madea real difference on that day, for that family, it's afeeling that I don't think you get from any other thing you do in life.

Every childdeserves to have a family.

It's not just shelter and food, they need to benurtured, they need to know that they are precious, because that'swhat makes us feel whole as a person.

A book can change a child'slife and give them the power to dream.

The young people of today are striding towards the mostextraordinary future.

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on January25th to see who will be the Australians of the Year for 2015.

Source: Youtube