10 Top Tourist Attractions in Australia

Australia is a vast country that is just slightlysmaller than the continental United States.

So it probably shouldn’t be surprising thata country this large would also be home to some of the most unusual destinations andcreatures in the world.

Among the many iconic sites and landmarksyou can visit in Australia are Ayers Rock and the Sydney Opera House.

While these spots are very popular with tourists,there are a number of tourist attractions in Australia that aren’t as well-known butare just as impressive.


Cable Beach, Broome.

Cable Beach is located in Broome in WesternAustralia and is considered by some to be this state’s most popular destination.

It is a stunning beach, known for its whitesands, beautiful sunsets and the brilliant blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Cable Beach is also famous for its camel rideson the beach.

Those who prefer motorized transportationcan choose to cross the sands in a four-wheel-drive vehicle instead.


Fraser Island.

This beautiful island, which is located inQueensland, boasts rainforests, sand dunes, more than 100 freshwater lakes and prettycolored sand cliffs.

Fraser Island, which is just a short ferrytrip from Hervey Bay, is also considered to be the largest sand island in the world.

This island boasts another unusual claim tofame — its dingoes are considered to be some of the most pure in all of Australia,as they have not had as many chances to crossbreed with dogs as their mainland cousins have had.


Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road, which is located inVictoria, is considered to be one of the most beautiful drives in Australia.

This 243 km (151 mile) drive starts in Torquay,which is located about 100 km (60 miles) from Melbourne, and ends in Allansford.

As it travels along Victoria’s beautifulsouthwest coastline, the Great Ocean Road passes by some of the most stunning sceneryin Australia, including The Twelve Apostles, which are pretty limestone stack formationsthat rise out of the ocean near Port Campbell National Park.

There are also a number of places along theGreat Ocean Road where you can spot some of Australia’s famous wildlife, including kangaroos,fur seals and emus.


Purnululu National Park.

Located in Western Australia, Purnululu NationalPark is home to one of Australia’s most unique tourist attractions known as the BungleBungle Range — striking orange-and-black-striped sandstone domes that resemble huge beehives.

Surprisingly, the site was known only to localAboriginal Australians and farmers until recently.

In fact, it only became famous after a documentarywas made of the area in 1983.

The park is also home to Cathedral Gorge,an amazing natural amphitheater.

Because Purnululu National Park is locatedin a fairly remote area, visitors to its two campsites must pack in and out all of theiressential supplies.


Blue Mountains National Park.

The Blue Mountains National Park is locatedin New South Wales, approximately 80 km (50 miles) west of Sydney.

Its proximity to the biggest city in Australiahas made this scenic park a popular day trip for both tourists and locals alike.

The park is probably best known for the ThreeSisters, a rock formation that towers 900 meter (3000 foot) above the Jamison Valley.

The Blue Mountains National Park featuresmiles of trails for hikers and mountain bikers, and it is also a popular natural playgroundfor adventurers who enjoy adrenaline sports such as rock climbing and abseiling.

Visitors who prefer a more tame way to enjoythe Blue Mountains National Park can climb aboard the glass-roofed carriages of the KatoombaScenic Railway, which is the steepest passenger railway in the world.


Whitsunday Islands.

This stunning collection of 74 islands liesin the middle of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, making them a perfect jumping off spotfor travelers looking to explore the amazing and colorful marine life that live in thewaters of this area.

Although most of the Whitsunday Islands aredeserted, seven do have outstanding resorts on them, including the world-famous One&Onlyon Hayman Island, a favorite of celebrities and the rich and famous.

One of the most beautiful of the WhitsundayIslands is Whitehaven Beach, which boasts blinding white sands.

These islands are the perfect choice for travelersseeking a blissful vacation on a lovely tropical island or for those who enjoy hours of snorkelingand scuba diving.


Kakadu National Park.

Located in Australia’s Northern Territory,about three hours north of Darwin, Kakadu is the country’s largest national park.

There is a lot to see in Kakadu National Park,including a large concentration of Aboriginal rock art; some of which are estimated to beup to 20,000 years old.

This park is also home to many different speciesof wildlife, including wallabies, dingoes and crocodiles.

In addition, Kakadu National Park, which ishome to one-third of Australia’s bird species, is a birdwatcher’s dream.


Ayers Rock.

One of the world’s largest monoliths, AyersRock is also one of the top tourist attractions in Australia.

Located within the Uluru-Kata Tjuta NationalPark of the Northern Territory, this large sandstone formation stands more than 340 meters(1,100 feet) high.

One of the rock’s peculiarities is thatit changes colors dramatically at sunset from terra cotta to blue, violet and red.

The local Aboriginal tribe, known as Anangu,call the rock Uluru and regard it as a sacred site.


Great Barrier Reef.

One of the top destinations for underwaterexplorers and scuba divers is the world’s largest barrier reef system, famously knownas the Great Barrier Reef.

Located in the Coral Sea, the Great BarrierReef encompasses a huge area of more than 2,900 coral reefs and hundreds of islandsand cays.

The best way to explore the Reef is by oneof the numerous boat cruises that run along the northern coast of Queensland.

The town of Cairns is regarded as the maingateway to the Reef, but other towns also offer cruise operations.


Sydney Opera House.

Regarded as a 20th century architectural masterpiece,the Sydney Opera House was designed and built by architect, Jørn Utzon, to reflect theimage of a huge sailing ship.

It houses multiple venues that together hostmore than 1,500 performances each year.

Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of theSydney Harbour and the Royal Botanic Gardens, the famous Opera House in Sydney is one ofAustralia’s most famous landmarks.

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