【BIG EATER】Monster ate Camel, Kangaroo and Ostrich. w/ 2kg steamed rice.【RussianSato】

Hungry monster, then ~ ~~ (≧ ▽ ≦) ~ Hello everyone, I am a Russian Sato This is the yo from D Delivery Tried to call for delivery of it There was also called off wild meat, but ah This time it, there are three types Point somewhat rare meat To see to eat Well look ~ Today eat rare meat yo When it comes to the point of anything it Mr.

camels, kangaroos and Mr.


ostrich In addition to the zoo see them.

To enjoy the fleshy Unknown First of all, this is the camel steak grilled Haozhouchankao camel steak Looks like a cow, I feel like beef Two kinds of front side This is the Seared Kangaroo Howe states produced Seared Kangaroo Kangaroo it Mud mixed with radish Howe states producing kangaroos orange vinegar radish cold This is roasted Luo Tuoshou Division Miyazaki grilled ostrich sushi This is the grilled ostrich Liu Tochigi Prefecture grilled ostrich Liu The same as last time The crocodile moved over to me that shop, Rare meat Express Hachibei stores Try to point these meat And these meals Want to try it I start slightly From the beginning of sushi Want to start with the beginning of sushi Ostrich sushi Ostrich does, in which the program eaters At that time in Miyazaki have eaten Eat a lot of time Today there is a little bit of excitement expectations Dips Dip a little soy sauce, Start slightly Good tender! what is this Disappeared inside the mouth Chicken with feeling a little different A little different, what is it? Part little taste melted Quite delicious ah Quite Ruannen How should I say, probably the same with rice soft oh Loose soft It is quite light This side is roasted ostrich Tochigi Prefecture Liu Ostrich feeling is so ah This feature eat it Ostrich Liu Tochigi good to eat The proportion of meat and rice w Very good with rice Feeling a little light But chew up a lot of flavor What is it like Really no stench Weak expression No fishy taste Quite well with rice Condiments? There is also reason seasoning Dinner only To introduce fleshy ah! Missing large chunks of rice Turn it slightly toward the camel Mr.

Camel Camel ~ Camel ~ Where is the camel it? Camel yo (already written on it!) Grilled camel Where is it roasted camel Roasted, is roasted ah Seems uneasy www start Steak feeling, there is the smell of butter good to eat Taste it Like cattle No more than the smell of cattle Mr.

Camel delicious Mr.


very tasty! Tim Rice! Then eat Kangaroo Mr.

Kangaroo Australia This looks like an ordinary cook beef up the way start The taste oh Why this expression w Kangaroo ah This is among the most flavor burst oh How should I say, this Eat a little short to look First time to eat, this Kangaroo Although not as strong as lamb are "I am the lamb," tastes very meaty Feeling like meat good to eat That, finally, finally it This guy is a kangaroo cold Refreshing Radish flavor is too strong, there is no other except radish flavor w A little meat Ah, so continue to eat Although there are over sprint sensation A little raw in the middle QQ is very flexible Probably it is very similar and radish Because there is a little bit of smell That's a little bit of smell and spicy radish together, feeling a little adult Camel meat After 6-rice and side dishes Finally enjoy sushi Sushi delicious meat it Try it with a little salt seasoning Together with salt is absolutely delicious good to eat Salt meat made sweet! Thank you, Mr.

Ostrich I eat well Thanks for today's cuisine Have to admit, I think that no matter which is not easy to eat meat Exactly, all very easy to eat They retain their own characteristics Ostrich meat is very Ruannen Relatively light taste More bite more flavor Camel meat between cattle and pigs in the middle of taste But close to the cow, right? And great cook together butter Quite good No sticky feeling flow soup I thought the zoo camel will taste A little scared That sort of thing, oh no Quite tasty Finally, say kangaroos Spewing out a little taste Has its own flavor But it is the taste of meat ah fleshy meat It is easy to eat I like it camel Mr.

camels, how to say Really want to eat this steak look So, if hungry monster ~ Thank you for watching today Today is rare meat food delivery Next time, if you have found a new species of meat words Come to challenge it! At that time a lot of advice bye ~ bye ~.

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