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Hi guys, I am going to introduce some nice Australian snacks to you today i will introduce three main kinds of snacks tim tam Japanese rice crackers the 3rd one snack i would like to introduce to you is milk coffee biscuit !!! The first snack I would like to introduce is Tim Tam My mum bought this for me after she visited Australia This is coconut flavoured i think it tastes nice, it's even more delicious than the original one The second snack i would like to introduce to you is the Japanese rice crackers I actually think that this is quite good It's because there was a nuclear disaster in Japan recently and Some people may think that it's still not save to eat food imported from Japan or made in Japan due to the radiation so this is perfect because it's made in AUSTRALIA!!! and it also tastes like those traditional rice crackers from Japan The third one I would like to introduce is the milk coffee biscuit it doesn't have any coffee flavor So i am not so sure why it's called milk coffee biscuit maybe it's because it tastes nice if people have it together with coffee/milk tea??? (if you know the reason behind, please tell me in the comment) This is a normal milk flavoured biscuit but it also tastes nice Moreover, I would like to point out other snacks that were also bought from Australia Tim Tam Original it's a value pack:) this is actually recommended by my relatives who are living in Australia which is a healthy cereal 🙂 they think that it tastes good too Captain's Table: water cracker honey 🙂 So thank you for watching, this is the end of the "introduction to Australian snacks" video Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! if you like this video, please give me a like and subscribe to my channel.

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