Как кушают кенгуру.Кормим кенгуру. Австралийские кенгуру/Australian kangaroo feed

Hello! you are on the channel Marie Marie Star! Today we feed the kangaroos in Australia Kangaroo is an amazing Australian animals.

Kangaroo is the unofficial symbol of Australia, it is depicted on the emblem of this country and coins He's big and muscular hind legs adapted for jumping, long powerful tail for balance, and a small head.

Kangaroos only large beast, the one that uses as a way of jumping movement Kangaroo marsupial A female kangaroo almost constantly pregnant Pregnancy lasts about one month.

Kangaroo remains in the pouch for about nine months before starting to occasionally go out.

adult kangaroos can weighs 80 kg Kangaroo eats mainly grass and fruit Kangaroo meat is considered good for health because of its low fat content Wild kangaroo afraid of people, and will not allow to come close to him Less fearful individuals lured tourists in certain places I hope you enjoyed my video! Like place! subscribe to my channel.

Source: Youtube